“Factoring Finance” Ltd. has become the “Sector leader 2011” | Factoring Finance LLC Факторинг Финанс

“Factoring Finance” Ltd. has become the “Sector leader 2011”

State committee of statistics has published annual rating of Ukrainian enterprises – “Sector leader”. As a result of ranking “Factoring Finance” has got to Top-50 credit extending institutions. At the official awarding ceremony, which is held on December 22nd, 2011 in congress hall of the Ukrainian Chamber of Trade & Industry, “Factoring Finance” will be awarded a “National Certificate” and Dmitriy Gusev, the head of the company, will be nominated for a “Business of Glory” Order. The rating is based on the official data of state institutions of statistics concerning such parameters as total output, net profit, wages and labor efficiency. As to the results of the national ranking, they will be included in the official “Commercial and Industrial Ukraine” catalogue, which will be sold out in the number of 15 000 copies in 132 countries around the world.